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  • Welcome to the PGME CBME website! Thank you for your interest in advancing Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME). We built this site to help support the implementation of CBME at the University of Toronto, including the Family Medicine's Triple C Curriculum, the Royal College's Competence by Design (CBD) and other innovative competency-based education initiatives.

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    This website serves to provide periodic focused communication with key people and partners, such as program directors and administrators, residents, hospital and department education leads and department chairs, clinical chairs, and members of various committees like the Hospital University Education Committee (HUEC) and the PGME Advisory Committee.

    Our 5 goals for CBME at the University of Toronto include:

    1. Integrate a programmatic approach to assessment, with enhanced workplace-based assessments, including direct observation and enhanced culture of feedback.
    1. Enable shared evidence-informed decision-making on residents’ progress through the use of Competence Committees.
    1. Nurture more confident, knowledgeable and engaged residents regarding their performance strengths and limitations as they complete a more outcomes-based training model, including soliciting and incorporating feedback and assistance.
    1. Facilitate the effective and autonomous functioning of programs using the CBD model.
    1. Demonstrate leadership in CBME research, scholarship and knowledge translation.

    As we are now in mid-phase of our roll-out across RC programs, and with recent reviews of the Triple C experience, we are intent on making course corrections based on early lessons and observations. We have established the ‘Best Practices in Evaluation and Assessment (BPEA)’ subcommittee to review data and discuss changes and strategy. Their work is informed by the BPEA usability subcommittee, which is focused on the user experience and its link to system validity. Both committees are composed of motivated, experienced and insightful educators, residents and scientists.

    PGME at the Uof T and CBD leads across the country are also collaborating closely with the Royal College on the best possible approaches for implementing CBD.

    We encourage you to share the contents of this website broadly. If you have questions, please be in touch.


    Patricia Houston, MD, MEd, FRCPC
    Interim Associate Dean, PGME

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