Welcome! Here are Feedback & Coaching Resources

This project arose out of conversations and collaborations on improving feedback in medical education. We realized how much we gained when, as faculty and learner, we were honest and open about our challenges in giving and receiving feedback. Over time, we collected and created a number of resources to help improve skills in giving and receiving feedback and coaching.

Fast forward to now and we are sharing our collection of resources to support faculty and learners to co-create a positive feedback culture in their own programs.

As a learner, you will find resources on how to improve your skills in asking for and receiving feedback.

As a teacher or coach, you will find resources on how to improve your skills discussing your feedback.

As a faculty or resident developer, you will find resources on how to support residents and faculty in the giving and receiving of feedback. Given our own experiences, we would strongly encourage a co-learning and co-facilitation approach.

Use (or modify) what you wish. Credit is appreciated, but not at all required.

If you have any ideas on what else we should build next OR comments and edits to share, please be in touch at cbme.facdev@utoronto.ca

Warm regards,

Sue GT
Susan Glover Takahashi, MA, PhD

Director, Education & Research, PostMD Education;
Integrated Senior Scholar – Centre for Faculty Development;
PostMD EducationLead: Faculty Development – CBME
University of Toronto, Canada

Rebecca Dubé, MD, FRCPS, MHSc (HPTE)

Staff Anesthesiologist
CHU Sainte-Justine
Montréal, QC



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